Buro projects

Meeting House

The site is located in the middle of the Serebryany Bor. A smooth curved contour of the building is defined by the arrangement of the trees - the building bypasses them with its bionic form. The building enters into a dialogue with its surroundings and the preservation of trees maintains the modern respect for nature ideas. The timber-framed facades with glass filling continue the theme of nature preservation in their original condition. The glass volume of the building just like dissolves into trees and becomes indistinguishable among them.

The shape of the building sets the direction for the interior concept. The smooth shaped rooms are picturesquely dispersed in the volume of the building so that the internal partitions do not adjoin the external walls. This solution enhances the visual permeability of the building and blurs the line between the exterior and interior. The meeting rooms are surrounded by glass partitions with varying transparency and the ability to transform from one to three rooms. The walls of the utility and technical rooms are finished with wood panels.


Moscow, Serebryany Bor

1 000 sq m