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Coastal quarters in ALIA Residential district

The plots of the projected residential development are located on the territory of the former Tushino airfield along the Moscow River embankment. These plots are part of an integrated development area, which includes ALIA Business and Business+ class residential complexes with social infrastructure facilities and public facilities: Rostech City Class A business park, Chkalov Arena Sport complex, apartment complex. A master plan for the entire area was developed by SOM "Skidmore, Owings & Merrill", which laid down the main principles of development: the placement of different types of residential buildings - towers, block-type houses, sectional buildings, as well as the creation of a central park inside the residential complex, overlooking the coastal park.

The competition project proposes to continue the main principles of a diverse typology of buildings and to show this idea in the waterfront quarters.

Plots contain block-type houses, sectional house and towers. In areas with towers, the yard space is formed by retail and open walking galleries on the ground floor. Quarter houses, sectional houses and towers on different plots are also designed differently, but simultaneously it has one theme – a river: each building inspired by the river and it explains naming of each plot.

The terraced variable-story buildings and the towers of different heights create a wave-like dynamic silhouette from the river side Terraced houses, standing in the depths of the sections of the first line, also form a wavy line in the background. Thanks to this solution, picturesque views, unlike each other, open up along the entire path along the complex.

The main principle of building development is to create the maximum number of apartments and summer spaces with views of the river and the park, for houses and the first and second lines.
And the creation of a variety of silhouettes of buildings, typologies of courtyards and quarters, various solutions for balconies, terraces and loggias creates a unique offer on the real estate market.

The project is designed in collaboration with  Project-2018

Status - Concept
Year - 2021
Client - ASTERUS
Location - Moscow, Volokolamskoe highway
Area - 267 700 sq m