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"Zagorye" Metro station

Zagorye station, located in the middle of a residential area, is the closest of the new stations to the restored pearl of Russian manor and park architecture Tsaritsyno. In the design of the surrounding Soviet-era metro stations, not only is there no mention of the estate, but despite the name "Tsaritsyno", the design of the station of the same name has a completely clear revolutionary anti-monarchist character.

Creating a new station and abstracting from political topics, I would like to offer a modern interpretation of the architectural techniques of the estate. First of all, these are rhythmic white vertical frames of windows and openings against the background of a terracotta wall, a pattern of rosettes and patinated copper spiers of roofs. The theme of the rhythm of light elements became the main theme in the design concept of the station. However, rosettes of various shapes also play an important role; this technique was used at many historical stations and rethought in a modern interpretation. Huge rosettes between the tracks hide the columns and create interesting views of the other side of the platform - through them we can see the trains and the decoration of the opposite wall. In the rosettes of the walls facing directly onto the platform, there are lamps with a soft matte glow to match the color of the patinated copper of the roofs of the Tsaritsyno estate.

Status - Concept
Year - 2022
Location - Moscow, Tsaritsyno
Area - 10 000 sq m