Buro projects

"Ostrov Mechty" Metro station, 2nd prize

The project received a special mention from the jury.

The Island of Dreams station is primarily associated with the entertainment center of the same name, where visitors will enter through new lobbies and platforms. The idea of ​​​​designing these spaces is connected with the preparation of the audience's perception of the city promenade area in the amusement park. Despite the fact that the main object is an amusement park, visitors first pass-through grandiose malls that imitate the streets of recognizable European cities.

The design of the station uses the author's interpretation of city views, made in a mixed technique of watercolor and graphics. Alexey Iiin, head of the company, has been working in this painting technique for a long time and is a laureate and winner of several international competitions. For all areas of the station and the exterior of the lobbies, works are performed with views of several recognizable cities. Printing is done on metal or ceramic panels, as well as on glass for stained glass. A similar experience was implemented by the author on a larger scale on the facades of the Filatov Lug residential complex. In the process of implementation, the printing technology and the preparation of a template according to sketches were worked out.

The proposed design is unique, but at the same time, it is based on the traditions of the Moscow metro, where monumental panels and mosaics, stained-glass windows, custom-made lamps and other decorative elements have always been an integral part of the artistic concept. The use of modern printing technologies makes it possible to create a vivid image of full-color images on a dark background, while the main design theme is directly related to the location of the station and becomes part of the Dream Island.

The architecture of the main lobby is inspired by the circular subway lobbies of the 20th century. 
A logo was also developed for the station.

The work was carried out by Alexey Ilin's architectural studio.
Preliminary lighting design by SpectorLab.

Status - Concept
Year - 2022
Location - Moscow, Andropova Avenue
Area - 10 000 sq m