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Office building in the Basmanniy district

The design site is located in Perevedenovsky pereulok in the Basmanny district, Moscow. From the western, eastern and southern sides, the site is surrounded by administrative and industrial buildings, and the northern side of the site overlooks the railway of the Kazan direction.

The main idea of ​​the concept is related to the close proximity to the railway. The shape of the building, materials and landscaping are connected with railway aesthetics. The smooth shapes of the corners of the upper part of the building follow the shapes of the carriages, while the facade decoration with titanium-zinc panels supports this concept. All facades, except for the northern one, have stained-glass windows 2 meters high and metal ventilation elements 30 cm wide. The northern facade opens to the railway with translucent structures.

The building has 5 floors, 2 of which have mezzanines, thanks to which spacious rooms with high ceilings and a good view are formed along the northern facade.
On the ground floor there is a lobby with a meeting area and a coffee shop. The shape of the sofas in the lobby and the bar in the coffee shop correspond to the shape of the building. Also on the ground floor are the administration, utility rooms and an office with a spacious meeting room.

The entrance to the parking lot is designed from Perevedenovsky Lane, as well as the main entrance to the building. Both entrances are located taking into account comfortable accessibility with respect to the transport and the pedestrian routes. Sidewalks and roads are covered with the same paving, with linear metal elements and LED lamps integrated in it. Metal inserts are reminiscent of the patterns of railroad switches, while linear lights were chosen to represent the image of a train speeding through the night.

The project is designed in collaboration with  Project-2018

Status - Design stage
Year - 2022
Location - Moscow, Perevedenovskiy lane
Area - 9 000 sq m
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