Buro projects

"The Face of Renovation" International Contest, plot №10

The main concept idea inspired by Constructivism. The project propose to use typical approach to design and forming constructivist buildings: emphasis on horizontal and vertical dynamics, rounded ends both gable facades and roofs and combining diverse shapes.

For block of flats forming quartals proposed the unique facades design, created with using printing technology on large-format porcelain stoneware according to the author's sketches. All the facades is made of inexpensive reliable materials such as brick tiles, porcelain stoneware, metal cassettes and glassfiber reinforced concrete.

Landscape design is connected with the facades design. Both the typical geometry and the facades rhythm are literally reflected on the ground, so each street, yard and square looks like a single piece of art.

The project is designed in collaboration with  Project-2018

Concept (The Winner)

The Government of Moscow

Moscow, Babushkinskiy district

244 ha
Residential Urban