Buro projects

Residential complex Nagatino i-Land. Plot #1.7

The complex consists of four buildings, three of which rotate relative to the fourth. The buildings form a dynamic composition due to different heights and rotation. The concept of the facades is built on the contrast of textures and the active plasticity of the facades. Thanks to this solution, each tower is unique, which gives the complex a unique character, and the identical solutions of the entrance groups visually unite the complex at the ground floor level.

Building 1 is lined with clinker tiles combined with deep copper slopes. Building 2 is completely made in white architectural concrete as an integral sculptural form with smooth vertical ledges at the ends. Building 3 consists of graphic vertical black pylons, stemalite interstorey walls merge with glazing, which enhances the vertical dynamics of the building.

Thanks to the lining with various materials in format, color and texture, when viewed from any angle, each tower stands out from the others, and the complex acquires a unique look.

The project is designed in collaboration with Project-2018

Status - Facades design
Year - 2022
General designer - EtalonProject
Location - Moscow, Andropova avenue
Area - 118 800 sq m