Buro projects

Alexey Ilin's artworks printed on the facades, Residential complex "Filatov Lug"

The architectural image of the residential complex "Filatov Lug" is based on a combination of laconic volumes of different heights of residential buildings and is remembered due to the artistic design of the gable facades. The surfaces of these facades are covering with the ceramic panels with printed fragments of Alexey Ilin’s paintings on it. Alexey has been enjoyed architectural graphics for many years and for him this is the way of capturing his impressions during travelling. For the project of the residential complex "Filatov Lug" the architect selected paintings that are dedicated to the images of towers in the historical buildings of European cities - Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg. "The high-rise dominants of European cities are both recognisable symbols and urban landmarks. New residential buildings will be unique due to the images of these symbols and this approach will create a memorable system of landmarks in this residential complex. This is important when the urban planning environment is created from the scratch," the author comments.


GK "Ingrad"

New Moscow, Kartmazovo

166 050 sq m