Buro projects

Iceberg. Residential complex

On a complex shape plot should be placed a residential complex. Facade decoration should be budget-friendly, but at the same time, the house should look interesting (not the same as rich). Light stucco with contrasting black window frames was chosen as the main material. The simplicity of the facade without details and seams creates a single monolithic image due to the complex shape of the roof and rectangular sections rotated relative to each other.

The volume of varying heights, following the outlines of the site boundary, resembles an iceberg in shape due to the sloping roofs and narrow "fjords" between the sections, the ends of which are finished with polished stainless steel. Hidden in the roof are exits and terraces for the upper apartments.

The project was made within the “Moscow standards” requirements.
Status - Concept

Year - 2023

Location - Kemerovo

Area - 32 100 sq m