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Residential complex with a hotel

The residential complex with underground parking and a hotel is located in the very center of Moscow. The site has a complex shape and is located inside the existing historical building. Currently, there are banking buildings which have to be demolished. The future complex consists of a sectional building with a variable number of storeys of 4 - 8 floors and a two-storey villa. The complex has interconnected courtyards, as well as private green rooftop terraces with city views.

At the first floors there is the main entrance and retail along the streets, and from the yards side there are entrances to the residential part and premises with meeting rooms, coworking for residents and a children's playroom with a small playground. The main entrance to the complex is through the historical building of the Bank, at the intersection of Kuznetsky Most and Rozhdestvenka streets. Through it you can get into the winter garden with a lounge and then go to the elevator halls, or go out into the courtyards. The yards communicate with each other and have entrances from three main streets. Inside one of the courtyards there are white-stone chambers of the Tverskoe Podvorye, the facade detail of these chambers receives a modern interpretation in the facades of new buildings, made of white glass-fiber-reinforced concrete in combination with a large amount of panoramic glazing. On the lower floors of the complex, the historical existing facades facing the street have been preserved.

Multi-storey sections of buildings are designed in such a way that 77% of the area of the complex is occupied by apartments, and 23%. - hotel rooms. Underground parking is located on three levels and is designed for 336 cars. Entrances/exits to the underground parking from the side of Rozhdestvenka and Kuznetsky most streets, and the pedestrian path from the parking in the section passes through the elevator halls.

The project has designed in collaboration with Vorontsov architectural bureau

Status - Concept

Year - 2023

Location - Moscow, Kuznetskiy Most

Area - 32 700 sq m